I’m sure everyone has gone to at least one wedding reception that seemed to just drag on. The reason for this is usually that at most wedding receptions there is no designated “host”. The Bride and Groom are in such demand there is no way they can attend to all the details, and the bridal party and close family are so elated they often neglect many of the guests. Because of this, the timing of events such as the toast, special dances and the like doesn’t quite work out. This does not have to happen. Sounds By Design utilizes a two page wedding events worksheet that allows you, as a couple, to coordinate the reception the way YOU want it. We will then use this worksheet to prepare for your special day and run the entire reception the way you have chosen. Sounds By Design keeps a constant eye on the guests and if things seem to be lagging, will step in and inform the Bride and Groom that it is time to move on to the next scheduled item on the worksheet. We keep things moving.

Disc Jockey assumes the personality of what you might see in a Maitre ‘de at an upscale restaurant and will be the “perfect host”. A tuxedo clad Disc Jockey will work with your photographer and other professionals you have hired to be sure that all the events take place at the perfect time. There are so many little things we do from guiding your guests to the gift table upon their arrival, giving tips to the best man for the toast, to encouraging all the guests to join in a special last dance. Every reception is unique and your Disc Jockey will adapt his personality and style to that of your guests.

At some receptions you will find the DJ getting everyone involved in a line dance, conga line, or something just as crazy. Other weddings may require the DJ to be calm and classy, playing specific music selected by the Bride & Groom and being very limited on the microphone. Many receptions are an even mix of both. However you would like your reception to flow, make sure you communicate this to the Disc Jockey and prepare to have a great time! Make your reception something to remember, select Sounds By Design Mobile DJ Service to be a part of your special day. For your special day.
Sounds by Design will work with you to plan ahead for your reception. Usually arrive for equipment setup in the day and return prior to the start time of the event.
Average Wedding Reception Rate: $1595 – $1895  (No additional charge for “overtime”.)

Traditional Wedding Reception Includes: Pre-wedding consultation, in person or by phone, to plan for special music requests and events during the.

At the reception:
*Bridal Party Introduction  *Announcement of cake cutting, dinner serving procedure

*Wireless microphone are available for the blessing and toasts Dinner Music

*Special dances such as bridal dance, father & bride, mother & groom, bridal party
*Events such as Bouquet Toss, Garter Toss, Anniversay Dance

*Open dancing with a variety of song selections    
* All new Led Club Style Lighting with every Wedding package
To book your next Wedding Reception, give us a call at:
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For all events, a $400.00 retainer is required to hold the date of the event. The retainer paid is subtracted from the total cost of your event.